THE INTERNATIONAL BUREAU OF TRANSLATIONS, INC. and its affiliate, WEB PAGE BUILDERS specializes in designing websites for small and medium size companies.

Your website may be translated and rendered culturally appropriate for your target readers by IBTís team of web translators. Several websites have benefited from IBTís expertise at the preliminary creative stages, and as our clients author changes, our translators do follow-up maintenance of the site.

We will design, translate, publish, and maintain your site. We donít limit your options like many web page authors.

Itís like putting a website manager on your companyís payroll for only $140 per month. Although initial translation of your site must be quoted separately, translation of monthly updates of your text up to 150 words is included in the monthly fee of $140.

An account manager will be your primary contact.

The procedure for building and translating your site, certification (if required), and maintaining the translated site as edits occur to the English, will be discussed by IBTís representative who will contact you once you have submitted the following form.

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