Translation occurs when a written text is rendered into a different language.

IBT provided 52 languages last year to area businesses and government offices.

The IBT team assigned to your translation project will include a linguist native to your target language with the technical knowledge your subject matter requires, a grammarian, an editor, and other language professionals. Our team will address the cultural appropriateness of your text in the context of your project.

Creation and provision of translation databases occur when single source documentation is characterized by a large amount of word and phrase repetition. When IBT first starts to work with a client, an individual translation database can be created, which can then be used in future new projects or in the updating of existing documents. The database will serve to reduce costs, as well as to speed up the time-frame for the completion of projects. The use of this procedure will ensure consistency across documentation.

Desktop publishing in your desired format and certification are also available.

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