Confidentiality Agreements protect the information that you provide to IBT and forbid dissemination of any client information to anyone, with the exception of the IBT account manager and translation team assigned to your work project.

Many of our clients house within their legal departments confidentiality agreements with IBT. Often these agreements require IBT to certify its work as accurately representing the original document. Your legal department may forward its agreement to our offices, or IBT can prepare its agreement for your files. Please complete the form if you would like IBT to contact you regarding a confidentiality agreement with your company.

IBT can provide certification of a translation if requested by the client. Certification includes a company seal and statement attesting to the validity of the translation signed by the president of IBT, as well as a notarization signed by a state-authorized notary.

The staff at IBT, including all translators and interpreters, is legally restricted by an IBT authored confidentiality agreement limiting to their linguistic work team the discussion of any information of which they may become aware.

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